Hello Armthorpe!

          Thank you to all those who attended the public consultation event at the Community Centre on Wednesday 5th March. We are taking on board all the comments made. Please see the summary of the day and the responses received here.

          Welcome to Armthorpebypass.com, which provides you with information on the potential to alleviate transport congestion in the village, by providing a bypass to the east of the village from Nutwell Lane through to Yorkshire Way, on the Ikea business park.

          You may or not be aware that Doncaster Council are going through a site selection exercise to identify land to meet future housing needs and to provide sufficient land for job creation. As part of this, the Council has identified that Armthorpe can support between 643 and 923 new homes during the period 2011 and 2028.

          The Parish Council have decided that the best way to allocate sites is through a Neighbourhood Plan, a new government initiative created by the Localism Act. This means sites are selected by the people of Armthorpe, not planners or third parties.

          A number of sites have been put forward and these can be viewed on the Parish Council website. Armthorpebypass.com aims to provide the detail behind the proposals for development to the south of the village at 'Nutwell South'. This site offers a genuine solution to the highways problems in the village which will only increase with more development which offers no large scale solutions such as a bypass.

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